“Twitter Orubebe” – The complete Story

I personally think this tag perfectly fits Omojuwa.

Omojowa initially tweeted that he would never take Senator Ben Bruce seriously, but Ben Bruce quickly retorted with, “Call me when people start dying because Omojuwa refused to take them seriously”. It was a death blow that shattered Omojuwa’s self esteem and it didn’t help matters that Twitter users began to retweet Ben Bruce’s reply.

Omojuwa tried to stage a comeback by cooking up some convoluted story about Ben Bruce sleeping with people’s wives including Stella Obasanjo, but the public simply wasn’t buying into his nonsense and told him to grow up and act his age instead of trying to attack a man who has achieved more than he has in life. Omojuwa’s ego was totally shattered.

The situation got worse when @AfricaFactsZone tweeted about Ben Bruce’s achievements with the SilverBird brand, and Omojuwa (clearly frustrated that people weren’t taking his side) said he wasn’t surprised that AfricaFactsZone is a brand owned by a “wailing wailer” (Isima Odeh, an 18 year old Bini boy). Isima Odeh quickly stepped in and blasted him by saying he was content with his life and was happy he didn’t need to lick politicians’ butts to earn a living like Omojuwa did (this is an 18 year old boy taking a 32 year old man to the cleaners!)

The comeback was so epic that Twitter went wild, retweeting Isima Odeh’s tweet across the board.

A comedy account called @TrailerJamShow retweeted the exchange, bringing Omojuwa even more mockery and shame.

Omojuwa, realizing the game was up, tried to buy an escape route by alleging that the TrailerJamShow account belonged to a senator. And that was when the account replied him by saying, “Twitter Orubebe, if you don’t want to keep getting jammed by trailer, stay on your lane”.

And that was the end of Omojuwa’s reputation on Twitter, as “Twitter Orubebe” began to trend in an instant.

So, if you ask me, Omojuwa ended up as the butt of jokes, as he was kicked and tossed around by Ben Bruce, Isima Odeh, Bimbocash and even the TrailerJamShow.


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