Why You Must Speak Up And Hold The Government Accountable

speak-upThe #Budget2016 brouhaha reached its zenith this evening with the sacking of Yahaya Gusau, the Director General of the Budget Office. I personally think this is a welcome development in the face of the budget fiasco.

The moral lesson from this whole #BudgetOfChains and #BudgetOfCorruption brouhaha is that your voice on social media is important. The presidency won’t have been embarrassed enough to admit errors and the National Assembly won’t have postponed the day for passing the budget citing the need for the budget to be cleaned up had it not been for our persistence.

A big well done to every Patriotic Democrat who called this government out on the issue of the Budget. The civic responsibility of holding this Government accountable is far bigger than PDP or being a PDP supporter.

Those who hate Nigeria and our democracy would call you wailing wailers and that you are yet to get over the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan whether you have ever supported Jonathan or the PDP as a party, but that shouldn’t stop you from speaking up.

Democracy gives you freedom of speech, so always feel free to express your opinion especially on issues that bothers on our common good as a nation. This is important and cannot be overemphasised enough.

There are some people under the payroll of politicians and the ruling party, please don’t let such party agents and cashtivists take away the one weapon you have because you don’t want to be labelled.

Speak the truth always, the truth always prevails at the end no matter how it is spinned. Some of those who despise you for saying the bitter truth would still come back to hail you later when their eyes become open.

Oke Umurhohwo. I’m @stalyf on Twitter


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