Fulani Herdsmen Serial Attacks: An Avoidable War Looming

herdsmenThis is our second piece on the meat producing venture that has been turned to an avenue for destruction of human lives and properties. As we had earlier stated in a previous article “Fulani Herdsmen Serial Attacks: Another Unnoticed War Booming”

We will not stop echoing into ears of the authorities concerned that a premium ought to be placed on human life and dignity than that of animals.

The number of people being sent to their early graves by these bloodthirsty, heartless and barbaric group call Fulani herdsmen is on the increase daily and our leaders seem hapless to curb this menace.

In fact, in recent times, losses emanating from the cancerous activities of this group has outnumbered that of the Boko Haram terrorist group. Just this week, Channels TV brought the evils perpetrated by this wanton group to limelight, the loss was countless and the perpetrators are bent on continuing with this ignoble act.

The recent attack on the Agatu people of Benue State was a pointer to this. The erroneous excuse by the Fulani Herdsmen that they are producing food just like the farmers and therefore should not be disturbed is baseless.

The primary responsibility of any reasonable government is to provide security for the lives and properties of its citizens. But in this clime, we witness a near total reversal of the case.

After being ranked among the world deadliest groups, we expected our government to take the bull by the horn and do the needed but their response so far can more or less be described as a kid glove approach.

Is Nigeria the only country that produces beef for the entire world? If not, why are other countries not facing same challenge(s)?‎

Today’s Fulani herdsmen, aside maiming and mutilating fellow humans and destroying farmlands, are now involved in brazen shows of daylight kidnapping(s) and armed robbery. They now have access to an assortment of sophisticated weaponry.

The most disturbing reality is that not one of the perpetrators of such heinous acts has ever been brought to book. The Governors, LGA Chairmen and village heads are most oft helpless and scared of goring the ox of the power-that-be. So let us ask our security agencies who are fond of muscling over harmless protesters why they have not made a single arrest on any attack perpetrated by these herdsmen?‎‎

Going by these developments, our leaders ought to see reasons why the old practice of TRANSHUMANCE cannot work any longer. Anyone standing on a section of our constitution that says there should not be restriction to movement of people and animals within the country to justify these deleterious acts by Fulani Cattle rearers needs to be more humane and have a serious rethink.

The crux of the matter is not about flaunting or disregarding the stance of our constitution, what we are more direly concerned about is the aftermath of transhumance which has turned an avenue to steal, destroy and kill senselessly.

Without mincing words, we ask; ‘why are their atrocious acts restricted to some sections of the country (South and North Central)?’ Or do they not practice transhumance in the Northwest and Northeastern parts of Nigeria?

Without being economical with the truth, we unequivocally assert that these recent attacks are a reflection of ethno-religious wars being fought under the guise of grievances resulting from land disputes. The earlier we address and tackle this issue head-on, the better and safer for our coexistence.

The good news which concerned authorities can confidently leverage on is that we now have a President who has over fifty years’ experience in cattle rearing and a Senate President that brought in white Zimbabwean farmers to his State during his tenure as governor to practice ranching. Both presidents should save Nigeria from this avoidable war.

In its entirety, we reject the suggestion of the minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh, that grasses should be planted in all States of Federation.

More so, we declare a capital NO to those calling for the revisit of the old land demarcation system. The population explosion cannot make any of these two options work. We need to utilize our comparative advantages, let beef production stay in the core North and Palm Oil production stay in the South.

Enough is enough, RANCHING is the best solution. This is what Argentina uses to generate billions of dollars as revenue while supplying large quantity of beefs around the world.

Good Governance Advocates in partnership with Shadow Cabinet of Nigeria, hereby appeal to all concerned authorities who should be involved in curbing this transhumance menace to adopt RANCHING system now.

Ifedayo Obi

For Shadow Cabinet of Nigeria

Obi can be reached directly via email goodgovernanceadv@gmail.com.

The Shadow Cabinet of Nigeria is a group of young, creative and peace loving Nigerians who have come together to constructively scrutinize the government of the day, monitor the government policies and proffer alternate policies when necessary.

The group can be reached via email: ShadowCabinetNG@gmail.com



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