Useful Study Habits You can Practise

Useful StudyThe manner in which a student conducts his or her studies would make or mar success in school. Pursuing a successful career first demands one to be educationally successful. A good academic foundation will eventually lead to good career development and advancement.

The following study habits will guide you towards excellence;

Motivate Yourself

Study Regularly

Keep Fit

Use Time Wisely

M.U.R.D.E.R is a study system adopted from John R. Hayes:

Set a positive mood for you to study in. Select the appropriate time, environment and attitude.
Mark any information you don’t understand in a particular topic; Keep a focus on one topic or a manageable group of exercises.
After studying the topic, stop and put what you have learnt into your own words.
Go back to what you did not understand and reconsider the information; Contact external expert sources (e.g., other books or a teacher) if you still cannot understand it.
In this step, ask three kinds of questions concerning the studied subject;
i. What questions would I ask or what criticism would I offer?
ii. How could I apply this material to what I am interested in?
iii. How could I make this information interesting and understandable to other students?
Go over the subject you’ve covered; review what strategies helped you understand and/or retain information in the past and apply these to your current studies.


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