Landing Your Dream Job

Dream jobI have heard so much from graduates about how difficult, competitive and congested the labour market is. The tales of woes and misery never stops. Interestingly, I disagree!

I know you might say I have a job, i am not a fresh graduate et al, but we have graduates who have landed their dream jobs without the ‘you must know someone’ syndrome! Everyday people get hired and some get fired.

The job market maybe difficult but it’s not impossible. There is more to a job search than mere sending out resumes, writing cover letters and attending interviews. It’s not that simple as there are more applicants than available jobs at any point in time. Besides, these jobs are going to be filled by the best.

You not only have to be competitive, you have to be super-competitive and be ready to make a strong positive impression on every Human Resource manager.

At present, there are so many facets to a job search. Averagely, when we think of beginning a job search, most of us have the idea of browsing various job search engines, find positions that match our desire, and email our latest resume; Q.E.D!

However, have you thought of the number of applicants that one advert can attract? How then are you going to differentiate yourself from the volumes of other applicants who are also attempting to obtain the same position? The answer is simple; You need to be strategic! Deviate from the norm.

It’s time to adjust our thinking when applying for a job, from being “an applicant,” to actively marketing your skills and experience! When you approach job search from a marketing perspective, with a strategic plan, you find that you’ll land that job in no time. Dare to be different. It’s high time you treated your job search as a full time job!

The difference is that your Job Description will be; spotting hidden vacancies, preparing for aptitude tests, interviews, amongst others. Your salary at the end of the ‘Job Search’ is you getting the job! Resumption time will be 8am and you close at 5pm as if you have the job already.

Difficult times, they say, require drastic measures. I am currently developing a low-risk, high-gain plan to land your dream job. However, I won’t go into details at this time. Maybe sometime in the future.

Don’t allow your career to take a “back-seat” during this tough economy; it’s time to become a proactive job seeker! The true secret to landing your dream job, is moving your perspective from a passive job applicant, to an effective career skills marketer.

Till next time, don’t waste time chasing postings on job boards. Be strategic, be different.


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