Why PDP needs Lere Olayinka as National Publicity Secretary

By Gboyega Adejumo

I can say for a fact that I know Lere Olayinka more than most people do.
And without a shadow of a doubt, I will support him for this job.


In terms of job credentials, experience, exposure to the job and loyalty to the party, no one among the contenders, has it more than Lere.

Diran Odeyemi, I know also and Segun Sowunmi. These are fine gentlemen with a whole lot of pedigree too.
Diran was twice a special assistant to Gov Akala, my personal and close friend, who even was my tenant for a period of four years, and people will wonder why I will prefer Lere over above him.

And this is the reason why.
Between 1999 and 2001, I worked with the then minister of Education, Professor Adeniran, and that was where fate Will link me up with Asiwaju Segun Oni and Lere Olayinka.

By the time, Asiwaju Segun Oni became a governor of Ekiti, Lere also became one of his Media aides… It was a very hostile environment, but the energy, talent and Forthrightness of Lere shone through like a million rays….

Ena is right, Lere is a man fitted for strategic planning.
But he has not the opportunity of observing the Lere I know.

Lere could churn out 15 press releases in a day from his rich repertoire of well researched experiences… For every ACN propaganda then, Lere simply has an answer, even from the historical angle with facts and figures…

Little wonder then that when the ACN came to power in Ekiti, Lere was picked up, locked up by the police, beaten, charged to court.

I remember rushing back to Ekiti on one of such occasions when the ACN trying to kill his voice, just a day or so after he was released.

Rather than keep quiet, bath his wounds, Lere was granting interviews and issuing statements….

When eventually Asiwaju Segun Oni moved to the APC, only Lere stayed back in the PDP among his aides.
So I called him. What he said to me I will never forget!

If there is anyone loyal to a cause, and he is ready to die for it, you only need to look at Lere.

Little wonder then that Asiwaju Segun Oni’s arch enemy, Gov Fayose, personally sought for the services of Lere Olayinka upon his return back to the PDP from ACN and Labour parties….

And when he, Fayose became governor, he promptly made Lere Olayinka the man to head both the Ekiti Radio and TV stations…

Trust me on this, most of the ideas you hear from Governor Fayose are Lere’s. Yet Lere is not the governor’s chief press officer.

Lere is simply resourceful!
A bundle of Talents…
A compound of words…
And a walking encyclopedia of Nigeria’s political history.
And he speaks well too.
He thinks on his feet and is the engine room of the Ayo Fayose’s Ekiti movement, governance and revolution.
Lere does not sleep.
He does not party.
He likes his beer, but drinks moderately.

Trust me my friends….
I should know.
With all the big grammar of Fayemi, Lere simply cut him to size with, cleanly incisive well researched points.
PDP needs Lere Now!
The journey to dislodge the APC from Yoruba Land is not with velvet tones, the struggle to dislodge Buhari from Aso is not to be delivered in Queens English like Kemi does and yet our economy is in tatters..
This job should be given to one that has the Passion, the Knowledge, the fearless nature of a freedom fighter!!

I have looked round and only one man that I find that fits into all of these and more!

And on this #IStandWithLereOlayinka


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