Enough is enough: Open Letter to Senator Buruji Kashamu

Dear Senator Buruji Kashamu, Originally known as Esho Jinadu:
What else do you want that you have not achieved in life? We defended loads about you over time as you gave us the impression that you meant well for the PDP. We were against our leaders in the SW just because we felt they were against all about you. Sir, we are making a detour because you have let us down!
Sir, recent events have proved us wrong and confirmed that indeed, you derive a lot of pleasure in heating the polity just to have things done your way. This is wrong sir! Sir, we lost Baba Obasanjo in Ogun State as well as his teeming supporters in the PDP to your attitude. Same in Ekiti State where we lost ex-governor Eng. Segun Oni and in Osun, ex-governor Omoba Oyinlola. For how long are we going to be loosing ‘quality’ for ‘quantity’?
Sir, what do you stand to gain with the numerous court injunctions purportedly secured by your pawns and sponsored by you against the PDP? Why are you so power drunk and arrogant sir? We prayed and fasted to ensure that the NDLEA failed in their bid to arrest you then and with all those events, we believe you would have lied low….Β  Why are you so ‘common’ in the news sir?
Sir, in as much as we want to commend you for all you have done for the PDP, we are now begging you in the name of God to take your time and team up with your so-called ‘role-models’ in the APC. We have our facts and figures. We know where the meeting points have been and all the major links. With you in the APC-party of the saints, you will no longer be declared ‘wanted’ in the USA. Sir, kindly and quickly team up with them now and give us a break in the PDP.
This problem that started in Ogun State way back that we failed to nip in the bud has now graduated to the SW zone and now already in the National. Senator Kashamu, allow us to be in the PDP! We know you too well and we have started programs to ensure that all our youths in the SW are properly educated to identify ‘quality’ from ‘quantity’ and not to be carried away by ‘flash’.
Finally, we want to beg all our leaders in the SW to come back home and see themselves as one. We have always been one until. Let’s go all out and ensure lost key members are invited back to the PDP to help salvage the sinking ship of the Nation due to the poor visibility of the present driver in the APC.
While we welcome Chief Ladoja and all others back to the PDP, we want to beg every committed members to ensure we are not swayed by the antics of a power drunk and sectional leader who has been mandated by his sponsors to ensure that the PDP is finally buried as a guarantee for a safe landing in all the cases he’s having.
To all the PDP leaders in the SW; please, let’s all the congress lists be well harmonised to accommodate all. Let’s have this spirit of give and take for the party to move forward. To those who have made up their minds to ensure their bread and butter MUST be kept safe for them by sticking their arses to that of their master, we say, good luck and God bless!
We wish you all the best during the National Convention of the PDP holding in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State. God grant you the grace to elect the best that will represent our party nationally. We wish you safe journey mercies to and from Rivers State back to your individual bases.
–Β PDP South West Youth Caucus

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