What Does Senator Ali Modu Sheriff Want?

When Senatorimages-4.jpg.jpegAli Modu Sheriff, the PDP immediate past Chairman was appointed in February, some of us were shocked because our expectation was Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, who is also from the Northeast. Notwithstanding, we supported Sheriff and even stood by him when some adversaries tried to place a Boko Haram tag on his neck. We did it for the love of the party in particular and Nigeria in general.

Despite the support and backings that we have given to Ali Modu Sheriff, the former chairman body posture and activities before and after May 21 Convention appears like he is acting a script to either achieve his way or sink the party.

Sheriff, haven served out the tenure of Bamangar Tukur/Adamu Muazu was relieved of his appointment as PDP Chairman, has been going about parading himself as substantive chairman of the party till 2018 and causing anarchy in the party headquarter in Wadata plaza, thereby interfering in the activities of interim chairman Senator Ahmed Markafi?

For avoidance of doubt, Section 47(6) stipulates that “Where a vacancy occurs in any of the offices of the Party, the Executive Committee at the appropriate level shall appoint another person from the area or zone where the officer originated from , pending the conduct of election to fill the vacancy.”

Elections into offices within the National Working Committee of PDP can only be through the National Convention. In 2012, Ambassador Bamanga Tukur, from Adamawa state(Northeast) was elected as Chairman by the National Convention of the party to serve for a four years term till May 21, 2016.

However, Tukur was forced to resign in January 14, 2014, and was replaced by ex Bauchi state Governor Adam Muazu on January 2014 by the National Executive Committee of the party to complete the tenure of the NE in the NWC. This is in line with Section 47(6) of the party’s constitution.

Unfortunately for Muazu, he was forced to resign in May 2015 after the disgraceful outing of the party in the general election. While the former Deputy Chairman Secondus held sway in acting capacity, an Abuja High Court in December 2015 insisted that Secondus vacate the office for Mr Ahmed Gulak or any other person from the Northeast to complete the zone’s tenure, and this decision was upheld by another court on January 27, 2016.
Both judgements led to the PDP NEC appointing Sheriff from Borno state to complete the tenure and hold convention.

“I, Ali Modu Sheriff, a man of character and integrity, one who would live up to expectation and his promises, hereby announce to the world that under no circumstances would I stay in office beyond the period prescribed by the Constitution of our party, the PDP.”

“In the light of the above, therefore, I will announce the Convention Congress Planning Committee after due consultation with all organs of the party within few days from today and I assure all faithful members of the party that
I would do everything within my powers to ensure that I complete the processes of congress before the expiration of my time in office.
Sheriff made the above pledge after the Caucus of the Party endorsed him and handed three months tenure to him to fix the party and organise convention in line with Section 47(6) of the party constitution.

It is also on record that even Sheriff’s co-traveller and immediate past Secretary Adewale Oladipo confirmed that the approved tenure was three months.

Shortly before the May 21 Convention, Sheriff went to court to stop election into the office of Pdp Chairman.

However, the same Sheriff released statement to dissociate himself from the suit(See pix attached). Funny enough, the restraining order NEVER recognized him as Chairman but only stopped the party from holding election into the office he was occupying. Both Abuja and Portharcourt factions of the PDP National Convention complied with the Judgement and NEVER did any election.

For the fact that leadership abhors vacuum, the Convention appointed a 7 man committee to run the party affairs for three months. The party further went to Federal High Court, Port Harcourt to restrain Sheriff from parading himself as party chairman. The judgement is yet to be vacated as I type.

Why is Sheriff still parading himself as party chairman till 2018? Which Convention elected him? Which NEC endorsed him? Whose tenure is he holding till 2018? Even Tukur that was elected originally can’t make such claim.

The Convention removed him, BoT rejected him, Governors Forum of the Party rejected him, Party Youths and States Chapters rejected him. What does Sheriff want?

Though Sheriff like any other party faithful has right to aspire to any office, nobody has the right to take the party for a ride or pull down the house because of their personal ambition.

We shall resist every attempt by SAS to bring down PDP. PDP is bigger than any single individual.

May God Bless Us All and Bless Nigeria
Change The Change!!!

Power To The People!!!


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