“…Buhari is not fighting corruption; he is fighting corrupt persons… To fight corruption is tto strengthen the institutions…” – Bishop Kukah.

Earlier on, I felt I was the only one seeing this fact as posited by Kukah. This is where the APC urchins missed it. In their sadism, they feel fighting corruption is akin to chasing down all PDP strongmen to their entertainment by their strongman Buhari. And I wrote then: ‘what happens if Buhari dies? ‘Ko bazai mutu bane?’ My argument then was, Buhari should instead build institutions that will make it almost impossible for people to be corrupt and not just chasing corrupt people in PDP only for him to die and corruption continues.

Unfortunately, these institutions we are expecting Buhari to strengthen are the same institutions he is weakening. Check out the compulsory retirement in the army and the massive recruitments of bokoharam terrorists into the army in the name of CJTF. It is so rotten that even a presidential bodyguard was found to be a bokoharam member. When Buhari became president, some of us were wondering what sect he belongs to. With the appointment of Adamu Adamu for Education, we thought Buhari was a shiite. But with the massacre of shiites in Zaria by Buratai soldiers, we began to look into other possibilities. Now with the massive release of bokoharam members from detention, massive recruitment of the same bokoharam members into the army, granting of amnesty to a bulk of bokoharam members, celebrating one of bokoharam members in Aso Rock for having a baby with one of the Chibok girls, meeting the bokoharam demands of islamisation and hausanisation of the Nigerian security forces, calling to have sharia courts all over Nigeria, calling to have the national grazing reserve commision, the continual massacres of Christians without the slightest show of concern by Mr. President and etc; it will not be too bombastic of me to conclude that Mr. President belongs to the bokoharam sect.


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