A bad workman will always result to blame games.

Over the years, i have seen great managers turn around loss making ventures into profit making ones. I have also seen exceptional leaders who met their nations in worse situations than PMB and the APC met Nigeria but went ahead to transform their nations into the best economies in the world.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a typical example of such leaders, he  met America in a complete mess during the era of ‘the great depression’ but instead of blaming his predecessor Herbert Hoover, he kept aside blame games and got to work. Few years later as president, the America we all crave for today was built by the same Roosevelt.

Let us even assume that OBJ, Yar’adua, GEJ, and the PDP didn’t achieve anything in 16 years of championing the affairs of Nigeria.

Let us even assume they were total failures as claimed by the APC and their uncultured apologists.

All these should not be a yardstick for PMB and his co travellers to underperform.

Majority of Nigerians are not judging PMB and the APC base on what the PDP did or failed to do, they are judging them base on what they have done viz a viz their campaign promises.

Some may bring up the issue of time into the topic of discuss, such as: “PMB has spent just over one year and needs more time to reposition Nigeria”. Sure he may needs more time to clean all the ‘mess’ the PDP created but at this current velocity it may take PMB and the APC 20 years to even return Nigeria back to where they met it.

I have interacted with cobblers, tailors and other petty traders from the North who are of the opinion that the PDP era was better than what we have today.

With all the blame games, persistent hunger, poverty and tears on the faces of Nigerians, can we say that Nigeria is truly on track? Time alone shall tell.


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