​Fundamentalism – 4

In the second episode of this series, a certain Jaafar Jaafar gave us a glimpse into one of the numerous darkness of fundamentalism, using a multi-million naira ultra-modern abattoir in Chalawa Kano, abandoned to rodents, reptiles, shrubs, in the eighties as an example. 

Today, Dr. John Danfulani took us on a merry-go-round of justice. The doctor is happy that the FG respect the wishes of the people of Kano to abandon the film village project on the premises of fundamental values and culture, regardless of the economic prospect. The doctor feels such respect should also be extended to the southern Kaduna people and other Nigerians against the unpopular grazing land reserve and other related regional issues. I hope the fundamentalism of Mr. President doesn’t lead him into using 95 to 5 percentage as defence for sectionalism and religious bigotry and suppression?  

Read on…    

Not long ago,the old and new media told Nigerians that the Federal Government of Nigeria(FGN) is nursing the ambition of establishing a film village in Kano( North Western Nigeria).It must be part of FGN’s effort to support the infant film industry to enable it compete( in quality not quantity) with the U.S.Hollywood and India Bollywood film industries.That goes with the anticipation  that the industry will provide employment opportunities to Nigerians and open a stable source of revenue to Governments. 

Kano was chosen because there is already a crawling Hausa movie industry there called Kaniwood. Kaniwood  is competing with other films milling centres of South Eastern and  Western Nigeria.Today, DSTV through its portal called AFRCA MAGIC is broadcasting Yoruba films from South West, Ibo films from South East and Hausa films from North.Statistic shows that most of the films from the north were produced  and promoted by  Kano based industries. 

On hearing the news of the FGN’s intention, a thick mushroom cloud of opposition rose from some Kano elites in league with some powerful Islamic clerics and feudal lords.Their opposition was not premised on legal or economic grounds but faith related factors.The summary of their position is;such a centre will breeds attitudes that are unislamic.On hearing the rumples of opposing voices, the FGN folded its tail in between its two legs.There was no single effort from FGN to school the people of Kano the economic and social values of the vision. FGN took to the tallest political grasses. 

Once more,Kano people have demonstrated the awesome power of a people in a democracy.Even before the lowering of the Union Jack on 1st October 1960 Kano is always a history making zone and a clime with the capacity to rebel against the status quo.In the First Republic(1960-1966),most northerners supported NPC but Kano people were with NEPU. History repeated itself in the Second Republic(1979-1983)…most of the northern Nigeria states went to NPN but Kano went to PRP. KANAWA(Kano people) simply have a reputation of saying NO to what they don’t like. 

Now,the KANAWA’S rejection of a proposed films village has opened the eyes of others communities/states in Nigeria.The point yours sincerely is labouring to establish is; any community/state  with an FGN project that isn’t palatable to either their economic, social or cultural mores and values is at liberty to kick against it.For example, all the middlebeltern and Southern Nigeria States opposed to FGN’s intention of creating grazing reserves for Fulani wanderers, they now have a golden opportunity to oppose without fear of the Leviathan.The oil producing communities now have the moral courage to protest against some decades old drilling of crude oil that is spillaging their environment and causing health related illnesses to them. 
If others don’t seize this good opportunity to make their case(s) against everything under the political sun of Nigeria-especially now that PMB has a listening ear,they better hold their peace because some of us will never believe their “tantrums” anymore. The KANAWA’S  have set the pace(as usual), therefore there shouldn’t be any problems if people choose to disagree with any proposed policy of the FGN. The KANAWA’S  decision was a kind of democratic revolution that expanded the frontiers of freedom and liberty for all and sundry. 
However, I make bold to tell PMB and his surrogates that, on no account should he threaten any community/state with the use of force should they decide to also benefit from the freedom of rejecting what they don’t want like the KANAWAS. PMB must know that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


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