​Jim Gami Makama

A leader who calls the people that elcted him “criminals”

A leader who tells his people “go to Kufena hill and jump”

A leader who before elections Promised not to demolish houses but rendered people homeless in Alhudda Hudda without compasation or an alternative shelter.

A leader who plan to demolish more than 3500 houses because of his busy-body

A leader who calls people who do not buy into his tyrannical ideologies “ANTS”

A leader who is sentimental and bias, who made the 70%-30% statement to support his fanatism

A leader who gave all political appointments to his friends and cronies marginalizing a section of the people he governs. 

A leader who promised Local Government autonomy but hijack LG funds including their IGR and leave them at his mercy.

No point looking for another definition of a saddist. Now we have a saddist as a leader.

May God deliver us from all SADDIST…


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