Deji Adeyanju; The  Right Choice For PDP’s NPS 

​I saw Deji Adeyanju Channels TV outing yesterday and I was impressed. He was calm, tactful and most importantly, he was saying all the right words and hitting the right points.

If the PDP as a party truly rewards commitment and dedication, I believe Deji deserve the post of National Publicity Secretary of the party. This is because when many others kept quiet and retired their voice after we lost power last year, Deji was among the few persons that continued talking. 
Looking at the current situation of the country and the impunity of many of the security agencies presently, I feel Deji is the type of spokesman we need at this particular time. He’s not only rugged and fearless, he’s also radical and would fit the bill of an opposition spokesman in today’s Nigeria. 
I also see him as a form of bridge between the Youths and the elders of the party. He has a connection with both groups and this can be use to rejuvenate the spirit of consciousness among party men and leaders. 
Finally, his integrity is yet to be compromised. As such, he can focus fully on the image making of PDP and putting the heat on the APC without thinking of EFCC or DSS intimidation. 
Like every human, Deji have his shortcomings but as the NPS won’t be working all alone, I’m confident any flaw would be complemented out. 
I therefore enjoin all my friends and supporters especially those who would be LGA and state delegates at the national convention come August 17th in Port Harcourt to cast their votes for Deji Adeyanju. It would be the best thing to do. 
May God bless us all 
Oke Umurhohwo



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