Goodluck Jonathan At 59, A celebration of humility

On behalf of my humble self, all patriotic Democrats and lovers of Democracy, we wish Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan a wonderful happy birthday as he clocks 59 today. 

Before reaching this age, you had been a Deputy Governor, Governor, vice President, Acting President and President. 
As a President you were honoured to be at the helm of affairs when Nigeria celebrated both 50 years Independence and 100 years of existence.
You became the first Nigerian President to be listed by Times International on her global top 100 and even when you left office, your opponent and predecessor openly described you as the standard for political conduct in Africa.
All these you achieved without struggling, fighting, shedding blood, betrayal or putting other people down. It’s a clear fact that no Nigerian, living or dead has ever had this stroke of good fortune before.
Your love for our dear country know no bounds. Despite all the odds, the hate, the envy and the conspiracy… you showed class, you stood out, you walked out tall and today, even your enemies clap and the world acknowledge your greatness. 
Your name might be Goodluck, but I think this goes beyond luck. I think it’s about Mother fortune, looking at the heart of men and choosing to smile on those who pleases Her.
My president, as you celebrate today sir, may God bless and keep you. May your days be a perfect blend of love, peace, good health and prosperity. 
May All your days be happy. 
God bless you Mr. President!


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