In commemoration of Goodluck Jonathan at 59, here are 15 memorable quotes by the hero of Nigerian democracy 

In celebrating the birthday of the hero of Nigerian Democracy, here are some memorable quotes of Goodluck Jonathan worth reading again

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“In presenting myself for service, i make no pretence that I have the magic wand that will solve all of Nigeria’s problems or that I am the most intelligent Nigerian”
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“Any society or country that closes the vital valves of its democratic space, cannot develop at a reasonable pace”
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“In the Comfort of our offices, let us not forget the majority of our people live beyond poverty line”
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“One youth, One vote”

“Democracy is a journey that every Nation mindful of advancing the Liberty of its citizens must undertake”

“Peace and Security are the barest irreducible conditions for social and economic development”

“I prefer to see the silver lining in the dark cloud rather than the dark cloud in the silver lining”

“We must develop a democratic culture in which the will of the people will be treated as scared and be immune to subversion by anti-democratic elements”

“Let me put you to notice: the assignment of offices is not an allocation of privileges” 

“It is the supreme task of this generation to give hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak and protection to the Defenceless”

“The beauty of democracy is that its practice is never final and always has room for improvement no matter how old a democratic society may be, where we falter, we must not fall. When we are weak, we must not surrender”

“We must quickly move away from partisan battlegrounds and find national common grounds”

“I want to assure Nigerians that crude oil is not our ‘black gold’, the real “Black Gold’ is Nigeria and her people and they can grow in value from gold to diamond via Education” 

“Democracy calls for sacrifice and tolerance of an open ear and a strong voice”

“We may not overcome our challenges but neither have our challenges overcome us”
Happy birthday Mr president 
Thanks to Mimi Atedoghu who did the compiling of these quotes 


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