Was Barrack OBAMA​ the DREAM?

The world went into frenzy and emotional meltdown yesterday over President Obama’s farewell speech as Potus. Tears rolled down cheeks and voices were raised to the rooftop in admiration and respect for a friend, a father, a brother, a husband, a president and a ‘dream.’ He was also given standing ovations. 

Thousands sobbed uncontrollably as the world stood still to catch maybe a last glimpse of Pres Obama and to listen for the last time to a man who has ruled the ‘world’ in 8 years. As usual, however emotional, his oratory prowess was still on show. 

He thanked everyone and most especially his ever distinguished wife; Michelle. “You took on a role you didn’t ask for and made it your own with grace and grit and style and good humour,” Mr Obama said. Oh, so lovely and touching that I felt like marrying anyone with the name Michelle. 😂 
But hey, please its important you tell your sons to marry women who have no issue in sharing their goals. Yes o! Anyways, Mr Obama always truly inspires.
However, I think we are forgetting to address few key issues.. Upon Mr Obama’s election as potus, I remember Martin Luther King Jr powerful and inspirational speech “I have a dream” that was delivered on the 28 August 1963 at Washington D.C was recited over the world. “Finally, Martin Luther King Jr’s dream has come to pass” millions of people thought. Indeed a dream was fulfilled. Either Martin Luther King Jr dream, Obama’s dream or the black community dream. A black man as the potus? such a feat and who could have imagined? so I had to read that famous speech again just this morning and it was really amazing. 
But in as much as it was amazing, the hope and faith Martin Luther King Jr talked about maybe just maybe is still a dream. If you read that speech, you will get to understand that his dream transcended just a black man becoming potus. Nah, it was something more. I think his dream was about the black community not experiencing segregation, racism, not being dependent or being seen as second class citizens. His dream was about blacks standing tall and taking their places. 
How well did Mr Obama push this dream? Did you know that Mr Obama’s predecessor; George Bush who is a white man and not of Africa descent engaged Africa more than Mr Obama did? In the past years, Africa saw more ‘China’ and ‘India’ than the U.S. It is safe to say that Africa wasn’t of any interest to Mr Obama, not even Kenya. His top foreign-policies never looked down the way of Africa.. Anyways, let me leave Africa and head to America. Does ”BlacklivesMatter” ring a bell? Of course! Extrajudicial killings of blacks. Blacks got murdered on the street of America day in day out without justice and no panacea/palliative measures in sight. 
This was same justice that eluded blacks that Martin Luther King Jr dreamt about a change. It was a slap on the face seeing thousands of black take to the streets protesting extrajudicial killings of black community while the leader of the country was a black. Martin Luther King Jr dream didn’t capture this. Oh, my darling country Nigeria. How Obama’s led administration played on us when we needed assistance in procuring ammunitions to combat boko haram during GEJ’s tunure. Yes o.. We were denied by Obama and co! Even our bid to get these arms from other nations was blocked by same Obama administration.
Martin Luther King Jr still has a dream jare and maybe Mr Obama was just the nightmare of the dream. 
@Tama Peter


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