Can Nigeria EVER be BETTER?

I’m on the road again this year, but with a different level of PASSION for my country, Nigeria. Most of my assumptions were right, some were wrong too.

For example, Can we build a political platform where competent people will be motivated enough to participate in the electoral process? Yes!
Can we win build a political machinery that will ensure the Nigerian people own the structure and can use it to hold leaders accountable both on and off election cycles? Yes!
Can young Nigerians build a coalition and work together politically on matters like inclusion, development and societal progress? Yes!
The golden question is however not whether all these things can happen. What do we believe about a better Nigeria? I have been forced to ask this question over and over again these days from people.
The closer one gets to the rot that is this country, the stronger the force that tries to steal one’s belief in the ideal. I have been passionate about coming together as a demography, creating a platform where young competent people can find conducive enough to offer their services for the benefit of the nation. This is what I am heavily invested in right now. 
But then…
Yes, we can get power if we choose to take it, but can we do better than the last generation in the task of making Nigeria a Better country? 
For me, the answer is this, 
1, We have to try 

2, We have to raise a sizable herd of people who share the same ideas

3, We have to COMMIT totally
Where there is no possibility of failure, Success is not imminent. So in the words of Barack Obama, Yes, We CAN!
For You, what do you believe?


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