Of president Buhari, Babatunde Gbadamosi and #BBNaija

Incase you are not aware, today make it the 36th day that president Buhari has been absent from office, the day 4 of Babatunde Gbadamosi’s detention by the DSS and day 33 of #BBNaija. 

As Demola Olarewaju succinctly opined in his tweets this morning, There’s a link between all 3 lines.
The Concept of “Big Brother” is from George Orwell’s classic book ‘1984’ – a character that exemplifies how States monitor Citizens. The idea of Big Brother in the book 1984 was to let Citizens know that everything they did or say was being monitored by Big Brother. The phrase “Big Brother is Always Watching” was to instil the Fear of Criticising government into the Citizens – to put them in a mental siege.
It is this concept that was adapted for TV shows named Big Brother – a metaphor for how States attempt to keep Citizens and Patriots in line. Though the events in 1984 were about a fictional state called Oceania, the Big Brother concept has been seen in many countries, now Nigeria.
One of President Buhari’s first moves was to reorganise the DSS by recalling his cousin from Daura in Katsina – Mamman Daura to head it. The DSS under Daura and Buhari has since become a Big Brother organisation – monitoring Citizens, arresting and detaining them. One can imagine how many have so far been arrested and detained this way. 
Babatunde Badamosi is however the latest example we have. Today is Day 4 of his detention by the DSS. No charges, no reason given and denied access to family and lawyers.
The reason Buhari feels comfortable with being away for so long is that organisations like DSS are on ground to protect his assumed empire, and we’ve asked to know, so that we can be guided: is Nigeria a Democratic State or a Buhari Fifedom where dissent is not permitted?
Because if we are in a Feudalist State, we would be guided and play accordingly but as far as we know or hope, Nigeria remains a Democracy and one of the guarantees of a Democracy is the Freedom to Criticise government.
Why then is Babatunde badamosi being detained till Day 4?
Having never worked for government or taken a Govt contract, his detention is Political. We’ve borne the Big Brother antics of this Buhari government in silence – but we draw the line again with #FreeBOG.
If the aim of the Buhari government is to intimidate Citizens and Patriots into silence, let them know that we cannot be Silenced and we say #FreeBOGNow.


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