EFCC DISCOVERY “Theatrics”: What Magu Should Learn From The Nigeria Police

I have been following the recent activities of Ibrahim Magu led EFCC with respect to miraculous “discovery” of money worth hundreds of dollars in the most “amazing” areas and places one can think of.

Firstly, in on the 4th of March 2017, it was reported that EFCC “discovered” a whopping N49 million in bundle in a luggage at Kaduna Airport during a routine check of Luggages, I mean N49,000,000.

While one would expect that someone would be arrested (as the money had no legs),  the EFCC through its zonal head in Kaduna state said the owner of the luggage showed up but couldn’t explain how he came about the money and “fled” into the thin air. In their own words, “his inability to give any concrete explanation made him become uncomfortable and he disappeared into thin air before the arrival of the EFCC operatives according to our source of information.” Till date no arrest or lead has been made about the money or whatever…

We were still wondering how a man could flee into the thin air in the midst of security operatives that searched his bag or how a whopping N49 million will stroll its way into Kaduna airport, the EFCC again came with another “discovery” on April 7, just 3 weeks after the Kaduna discovery.

On April 7, our beloved EFCC discovered a whopping N448.8 Million in a shop in Lagos that has been abandoned for more than TWO YEARS and has not been opened during the period. As usual, no arrest was made nor any clue given.  I mean, even the traders and those allegedly present were even amazed at the “wizardry” of Magu led EFCC.

While we kept wondering, trying to reconcile both the Kaduna and Lagos events, the EFCC gave us a bigger shocker a few days ago. This time, they discovered a whopping $50 Million in a Tower in Ikoyi, Lagos. As usual, nobody was linked to or arrested in connection, not even the “gatemen” keeping watch over the building nor the person that gave EFCC operatives the “key” to the safe.

In fact, every known human being is being alleged to be the owner of the money from a former NNPC MD, former PDP Chairman Adamu Muazu, as well as former Governor of Rivers state Rotimi Amaechi-wjth ALL of them denying and even threatened with lawsuit.  Now they have shifted ownership to National Intelligence Agency (NIA) saying that the Director-General “ran” to Magu and advised him against searching the apartment…  What a story?

Is it possible that an Intelligence agency like NIA with security personnel attached to the agency will not put armed to the teeth  security guards around the apartment to guard it against invasion? Are they saying that the SEVEN policemen from the EFCC that invaded the apartment will disarm and overpower these security guards? Are they saying that the DG will tell his men to willingly surrender to EFCC operative even when the agency cross into their territory? Is EFCC, an agency under the Ministry of Justice now superior to NIA,  an intelligence agency under the office of the National Security Adviser (just like DSS)? Can EFCC invade the territory of DSS?

How did EFCC get the key to the safe? Is EFCC saying such an apartment housing such a large amount will have no guard watching over it?  Not even a “maiguard”? How do we explain the trend of discovering money without clue to who owns or watches the money?  Who will keep a whopping N49 million,  N448 million and $50 million without a watchman or even a spy?

I understand that Magu is trying to play to the gallery in order to please his paymasters, entertain the fantasy of some Nigerians that are gullible, and mislead the public that he is “working”. But I think he has to learn from his colleagues in the Police Force on how to go about it.

There are basically  two ways to achieve this, which I believe will be more sellable to Nigerians than his comedic show.

The first method is for Magu to announce that investigation is on the way and some suspects being trailed, then he  has to instruct his men to raid any uncompleted building where unemployed young people gather to smoke Indian hemp, arrest them, torture them to accept having knowledge in the crime, invite the press to announce that arrest have been made in connection with the discovered money and make the suspects give confessional statements. Then tell Nigerians that further investigation is ongoing to get all the perpetrators and bring them to justice, then approach any high Court to file a case against the “suspects”.

The second option is to inform the DPO of the nearest police station to “loan him” victims of raids and mass arrest,  torture them and get them rehearse their confessional statements, then carry them along to the so called scene of the drama, video them and tell the press that they were the people keeping watch over the monies and vow that you will  do all you could to bring their sponsors to justice. The “loanee” suspects will make confessional statements and you can then approach a High Court to prosecute them.

I am very sure that Magu will earn accolades from unsuspecting Nigerians if he implored either of the methods highlighted above. Everyone will be carried away by another events after a couple of days and the whole matter will DIE a natural death. Nobody will be asking questions that further embarrasses the EFCC and Magu.

Oh Magu,  you know that your recent deception,  sorry I mean discoveries will not sell even in Nollywoood. You have to drop this “James Bond” styled theatrics and learn from your colleagues in the Nigeria Police Force.

Magu need to be informed that Nigerians aren’t as stupid as he may think, even if he has to plant money it should be done with wisdom and tacts.

Tonye Barcanista, a socio-political analyst writes from Abuja


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