My allegiance is to PDP and not any Individual – Oke Umurhohwo

Due to some misconceptions about my person by friends and supporters because of the unending drama and gratuitous litigation going on to sabotage and cripple the biggest political party in Africa by some misguided elements, I wish to state the following…

1. I am a bonafide member of PDP that has been loyal to the party since my teenage years. I have never left for any party at any time, neither have I been involved in any anti party activities.
2. My loyalty to PDP is to PDP. It is not to Markafi/Sheriff. This crisis would have been avoided if not for the selfishness of few party bigwigs.
3. Otunba Segun Adewale alias Aeroland is my leader in Lagos state. Upon accepting the call by party loyalists to lead the party, he took it upon himself to provide leadership and direction for the party. 
Under his leadership and for the first time in 16 years, PDP has been putting the APC led government in Lagos on their toes. 
The Segun Adewale led Exco, unlike what is happening in some other states where two factions exist, has never taken a position of “Winner takes all”. It is on record that he has continued to extend olive branch to the other faction of PDP, and even offered to step down to take the position of Vice Chairman while Chief Salvador that chairs the other group assume the position of chairman in a consolidated leadership. THIS NOBLE REQUEST WAS REBUFFED simply because some elders that are in the business of losing elections for PDP and profiting from it are not ready to let go of their enterprise.
Let me state without contradiction that the relative success PDP had in Lagos in 2015 was due to the efforts of Adewale and some bright party leaders.
4. It is true that Otunba Segun Adewale has ambition to govern Ekiti state. It is also true that he has been in constant touch with Ekiti people, who are excited about the prospect of him leading the state for the next four years after the expiration of the tenure of Governor Ayo Fayose.
But some clarification has to be made here…
a) Adewale’s aspiration is NOT about Governor Ayo Fayose nor the politics of PDP in Ekiti state. He is not interested in playing the ignoble role of a spoiler. He is not interested in fighting Governor Fayose. He is not interested in working with APC or Aso Rock to fight Fayose.
b) Adewale is interested in offering service to the people of Ekiti state, who are his flesh and blood majorly to fight poverty to the barest minimum.
c) He ran 3 elections in Lagos state in 2007, 2011 and 2015 under PDP, elections he won convincingly but was shamelessly rigged out by the Bola Tinubu rigging machine with tacit approval of some PDP party “elders” who made fortunes in the electoral defeat. At different times, he has been offered olive branch in the then ACN and APC, but he turned them down due to his principles. This man CAN NEVER WORK WITH APC to undermine PDP.
d). Some people have been saying Adewale should not bother about Ekiti gubernatorial election simply because he is PDP Chairman in Lagos. This unfortunately is unfair to Him and run contrary to democratic tenet. 
e). He is a true son of Ekiti. He is a typical “VILLAGE MAN”. Despite his immense contributions in Lagos, his home remains Ekiti state (where he has also made great contributions).
f) Saying he has no right to aspire for Ekiti governorship election is like saying a man has no right in his father’s house simply because he is prominent in diaspora.
g) There are those that also made impact outside their states and still return to aspire to lead their states. The late Dr. Ayodeji Daramola was with World Bank when he resigned to aspire for 2007 governorship election in Ekiti, but was unfortunately murdered before the election. Governor Aregbesola of Osun state served Lagos state for 8 years as commissioner for works before resigning in 2007 to return to Osun state to seek election. 

5. I wish to reiterate that I am not interested in the Markafi/Sheriff factional war. Segun Adewale is not interested in factions and polarisation of our great party. His interest is simply allowing for a platform where people can have sense of ownership and aspire to offer service to the people without fear of any self appointed godfather.
6. Finally, those in Lagos should not forget to mobilise for and vote all PDP candidates in the Council Elections that will emerge through the primaries.
Oke Umurhohwo

Media Aide to Otunba Segun Adewale



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