The Defeat of an Hero

This is an extract from a new book been written, titled, the defeat of an Hero…

Anytime I remember that Buhari is my President, I do feel so sad. I want anybody in that office but Buhari. Sometimes I reluctantly turn back and start blaming President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. His vanquish helped Buhari.

Soyinka was right; Jonathan was held hostage as a leader. He wasnt the problem and yet it doesnt seems like he was the solution. He had goods intention for the country, but his undoing was that he found solace with the wrong people. He trusted the Northerners; he thought they saw him as a Nigerian, having the same equal right as them, to vote and be voted for.

But he was merely looked up as an ethnic fringe: a minority class. The Northerners couldn't bear this. The growing influence of an infidel(Jonathan) certainly isn't in the best interest of Usman Dan Fodion ideologist on their graves. An orchestration would undoubtedly thwart this potency.

His routings with the electoral strength of the Talakawas was immediately what was best for the business. He had plans too, but didnt know that others, had the acqaintanceship of that plan as what would cost his own derision: he was seriously compromised.

The people he trusted distanced him; urged him to admit defeat immediately after the plan to democratically supplant him worked in their favour.

General AbdulSalami Abubakar was a two-faced hypocrite and an unrepentant coverted Born-To-Rule mentalist with the privy of the conquest. He(Jonathan) thought they were patriotic and he succumb to that subterfuge.


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