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Today was one of those crazy days where school work was at best tiring. Coming back from over night jacking (unilag term for Reading), decided to sleep a little at-less to gain some strength since i was just recovering from a week long sickness, before calls to remind me of the meeting with V.C, DSA and school management woke me up. Just when i thought i would relax.

Running stomach was a problem i woke up with as it seems the chicken and chips i ate the previous night and the Rice and Chicken from the DSA were having the full effect of the popular saying “awuf the run belle”. Anyway, managed to clean up for the meeting at the Multipurpose where the VC and DSA talked on many things include cab, pure water, security and others.

Finally rounded up with the meeting and proceeded to check up with my course adviser/project supervisor that have been tormenting me with my project, but found his absence. Since no other class for the day, decided to louge around when my HOD’s call came in asking for some service which i can’t refuse. This took all day before he finally gave me breathing space. Had one last class from 4-6pm before i could start my weekend.

Decided to check up with my supervisor again but still met his absence. Decided to go back to my hostel when i met my HOD on the road. He was asking of my IT result which i told him i was yet to see. Took me to his office and gave me the good news of the new month. An A in my IT, 70 on the dot. I was over joyed and decided to share my joy by giving out something and the first thing that came to my mind was GST 307 material which i had in soft copy. Would just share the GST material in my next post.


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