Chronicles of an akokaite: PROLOGUE

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Nothing is more joyous than being given admission to study in one of Nigeria most celebrated universities; the school of first choice and the nation’s pride.

To say I was joyous when I was given admission to study Marine Biology in UNILAG will be an understatement; I was the envy of my contemporaries. Little did I know that what awaits me is nothing but a miniature of Sodom and Gomorrah

Let me give you a brief info about myself. I am a quasi-experienced boy, with numerous escapades. Stories of my many adventures as well as actions to come later as I don’t want to chatterbox you with my escapades as a minor.

I gained admission to study Marine biology in UNILAG after I couldn’t get the medicine course I wanted and I must confess I was stunned by the number of beautiful, fine-looking, lovely, attractive, good-looking classy girls on campus. Inferiority complex has never been my thing, maybe cause of my up-bringing but I felt inferior during my first few weeks. I was 5ft 3in tall, cool looking physically, I was not overly impressive but neither was I a monkey. But like a popular novelist once said; God never leave a job half-done.

My first ever class was zoology, back then in DLI and while the lecturer was busy blathering about different zoological names, I was busy comparing boobs and backyard of different sizes and shapes and fantasizing how I was going to use my tongue to pronounce many of these zoological names on many kitties in the class.

The first three weeks were uneventful as everybody was getting to know each other. However, Mother Nature will never leave her offspring. Free browsing was reigning then and I was a king when it came to configuring any type of phone to browse free. One of my friends then was telling another guy how good I was in the free browsing stuff, when a lady behind us obviously listening to everything cut him short asking who the king of free browsing was. I humbly told her I was the one and she said she has a phone she wants me to configure but she didn’t bring the phone. She asked me if I was on campus, told her I was in Eni-njuko, she told me her name and we exchanged numbers, with her promising to call me later in the evening to bring the phone.

You don’t need a pastor to tell you that the girl was well endowed, because her boobs are what my friends and I call FAMILY-size. (The kind that will satisfy Daddy, junior, Anita and their younger siblings), her backyard is adequate. Facially, she is not that impressive but I must confess looking at her unmentionables gave me slight Attention. Throughout our conversation, a set of guys were eyeing me meanly as they must have been wondering how a guy that can pass for average and with clothes that would have been fashionable in the late 1970s and early 1980s can possibly be chatting animatedly with such fresh girl.

Later that evening, Sandra (name has been changed for security purpose) called asking where I was. Told her I was in my hostel. About 15 minutes later, she came down to my hostel with her phone. She was looking tempting on the mini she wore but I tried to concentrate on what was at hand, which was configuring her phone. Within 10 minutes, I was done. She was very thankful, and asking how much she would pay. I told her to keep her money, that I did it with free will. She insisted on paying me though, so told her to give me anything she had.

I was stunned when she gave me 2k naira. (it came at the right time). All this while, I was wondering how I can get the kitty of this girl. I collected the money and made a friend that I later reaped the benefits of having.

To be continued…

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Jaywon · March 2, 2013 at 12:57 am

hmmmmmm….this is really wow

evelyn · March 3, 2013 at 10:54 pm

Finish d story jor. *not talking*

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