Another Wonderful Weekend To Savor

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It has been one of those weekends one like to relive. Not that it has been exceptionally spectacular but it has been decent so far.
After recovering from flu infection, I decided to spend the weekend in my uncle’s place and it turned out to be interesting at least for Friday night, but that’s after the initial troubles my little cousins put me through.

I went out with him and two of his office colleagues at the office and had a swear time. It is definitely a different feeling hanging out with old men than with my friends and age mates. I was just sipping my drink and cat fish pepper soup – (*Abuja catfish pepper soup kinda taste sweeter than what I have had in other parts of the country though*) as I listened to their discussions ranging from office politics, corruption in the civil service, situation of Nigeria, football, their wives, children and high cost of living in Abuja.

From their discussion, it was clear to the blind and audible to the deaf that corruption has eaten deep into our souls as Nigerians. We do accuse the politicians as the corrupt people but the degree of corruption in the civil service is gargantuan. Imagine when a director would draft a budget of 500,000 naira for a 45,000 naira project. That’s more than 500% over the amount needed and that budget would be approved. I was dumbfounded. I really began to wonder what would make Nigeria better if those in small position are capable of doing such things.

Heard many other things that space and time won’t permit me to write now although their discussion about their marriage is eye opening.
Marriage on its own is another big institution that many people take for granted but listening to the “3 wise men” as they spoke, including troubles with their wives, It’s clear to me that what we see from most family from the outside is a smoke screen. Many marriages are been endured instead of enjoyed. This led me to ask if marriage is compulsory or necessary? Is it a must to get married?

Getting back home, i was confronted with my small cousins again with the eldest telling me his teacher gave him 0/10 in the verbal reasoning assignment I helped him with. I was so ashamed of myself when he told me. I wonder how a graduate like me would fail primary 3 work that I had to ask him to bring the assignment again for me to look through. Going through the work again, I was absolutely sure without an iota of doubt that I did the right thing and even had to explain to my uncle’s wife to save face. She agreed with my explanations but that won’t stop me from going to my cousin’s school on Monday morning to engage their teacher. He must reverse the marking ooh. See insult eh. He wants people to start thinking which kind graduate I be abi… Lol

On Saturday, it was football day for me and it started and ended well. Very well I must say. Manchester City which are my club (Chelsea) main rival for this season title lost to West Ham, giving Chelsea the opportunity to increase the point difference at the top of the EPL table when we defeat Manchester United today *I’m sure we would beat them*.
That City match was followed by Sunderland vs Arsenal as well as Liverpool vs Hull City matches. They were pretty interesting but had to admit Sunderland players are already in Christmas mood as they gifted Arsenal the 3 points on offer. Liverpool huffed and tried their best but could not break down a determined Hull City side as the game ended in a goalless draw.
Not bad for my club Chelsea as all the challengers keep falling by the way side, it’s looking more and more like the title is ours to lose.

The big game of the day was Madrid against Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu, the Real Madrid home stadium. I have always dislike Barca partly because of the rivalry that existed between Chelsea and Barcelona around 2004 –  2006 in the Champions League so I was rooting for a Madrid victory.
Well, Barca took the lead through a wonderful Neymar goal but Madrid fought back to win the game 3 – 1 through goals from usual suspect Ronaldo, Pépé and Benzema. It was definitely a great Saturday of football entertainment.

That same Saturday night, I decided to go to Zuba to hang out with my friends at their corpers Lodge. It’s always fun there for me with Goke, Ibrahim and the rest of the gang as well as the opportunity to see lady Kemi and wyne her again. *she definitely thinks I like or have feelings for her or something but I assume I’m just toyying with her feelings and emotions. It’s fun for me though, so I have no bad feeling about it* winks.
It turned out as I expected and I had some wonderful time with the guys while doing my normal Kemi flattering. Lol.

Sunday morning and here I am writing a post. The rest of the guys have abandoned me and went to church. Tried convincing them as usual to forget about church but seems my charm is weakening as they paid deaf ears to my sayings.
What to do today? Nothing really this morning. Sit back, write some articles, play games, see couple of movies while waiting for the main event of today.
The big match between Manchester United and Chelsea at Old Trafford, the “theatre of dreams” as the United stadium is fondly called. I’m very sure the United fans would be dreaming because we are going to absolutely flog and beat Man United at their own stadium. With Chelsea in the form of life, I expect at least a 3-0 victory for my club. 🙂


1. Football is Unity:
Football is definitely a unifying factor in Nigeria take it or leave it. Saturday was the first time I would be a public viewing centre totally surrounded by “Abokis “. You know the mindset we from the south have about the Northern guys, particularly the uneducated ones. I was a bit scared at first seeing their faces but when the game started, nobody had time to look at faces. When the goals started coming in, I was jumping and celebrating with them like I had know them for long. That’s something only football can do.

2. ULSSA At 30
The University of Lagos Science Students Association (ULSSA) clocked 30 this academic session and I must congratulate the current president, Adeyemi David A.K.A Polymer and his excos on the success of the ULSSA @30 week as well as their tenure so far. I was definitely one of the many people that didn’t believe in him and vigorously campaigned against him at the polls prior to him winning the election but I must say I’ve been impressed with how he proved his doubters wrong.
From afar, all what my boys and goons back in UNILAG has reported has been nothing but good. Well done sir Poly. Long live ULSSA.

3. Lady TAIWO the Nurse:
You meet some people and one way or the other, you guys just click. That’s the case of our future best Nurse Taiwo. Been a great friend for some time now and I appreciate her for who she is, been real always and not allowing people discourage her from her goals and targets.
Keep been yourself young lady and the sky would be the stepping stone in a matter of time. I believe in you.

4. Falling in love and Relationships:
Late last week, I had interesting conversations with some friends. The iss of loving abi falling in love seem a big deal for many people, ladies inclusive. I used to think it was more of a guy issue till a female friend of mine spilled out the truth from her end. I was flagabasted as she opened up her end to me and her plans to future guys. Mehnnn. This babe is Karma for some future guys ooh.
Personally, That shi call love scares the hell out of me. When I tell some people this, they always think I’m not been sincere but I can’t even imagine myself sacrificing my comfort and freedom for any lady.. Maybe not anything soon.

My heart feeling goes to Chibuzor who influenced his NYSC posting to Lagos after hearing all the goodies and social life of Lag from lot of persons, yours truly inclusive. Well, this Onitsha boy who got to Lagos for the first time because of NYSC and had been posted to one interior village in Badagry, which is like outside Nigeria, because it is very close to Benin boarder is still wondering if he is truly in Lagos that he has been hearing about. Sorry eh Bros, find like 2,000 naira for transport fare and another 10k at least and go to Ikeja, Surelere, Lekki or VI one of these weekends to really know what Lagos is.

That’s all for now guys, Thanks for taking out time to read. Till I write again, Chao.

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