Is Getting Tired of People Easily A Problem

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I planned completing and posting a comparison between Lagos and Abuja for this week post but unfortunately, I couldn’t meet up as a result of some circumstances beyond my control. That’s what the big people say when they fail to meet up a target That post is still in the work and should be ready pretty soon.

But not to leave this week blank, I decided to do an interview style post based on the picture below, which I got from a BBM contact of mine about 2 weeks back. When I used it as Display Picture on my BBM, the response was quite impressive and some people wanted to ask more than a Letter.

Well, this is like the opportunity to actually read my mind and get to know some details.
So without further ado, let’s dive in to the interview on commenting a letter and giving honest answers.


A – Are you single:

B – Birthday:
Every May 5th.

C – Crush:
Not anymore but couple of years back, it was Rihanna.

D – Drink you last had:
Alomo bitters mixed with lime juice this morning. Was a nice combination.

E – Easiest Person to talk to:
One of Tobi Ologun, Lawal-are Hayzee or Nwagwu Everest. They basically understand me extremely well.

F – Favourite song:
Definitely Drop the world by Lil Wayne ft Eminem. That was the first song I learnt it’s lyrics.

G –  Good at:
Politics, Football, Research,, phone and Internet usage.

H – Hair Colour:
Na black ooh. Do look like turning brown sometimes though, but I use dye to return it every once in a while to default settings. *wink.

I – In love with:
Me, myself and I. What were you thinking? That I was going to name ladies abi? God don catch you.

J – Jealous of:
Wizkid. Yes, the same Nigerian hot music artist. How the guy go get money, women and fame past me?.lol.

K – Known as:

L – Longest relationship:
That was my first ever relationship, when boys were still having silk heart. Lasted over 3 years.

M – Middle Name:
David. Even though I am beginning to stop using the name.

N – Number:
I guess phone number. 08171901960

O – One wish:
Is wish synonymous with ambitious and dreams? If yes, then been the president of Nigeria is my one wish. But if no, I wish for a better Nigeria where Nigerians are respected worldwide.

P – Person last texted:
That was Lady Queen. Sent a good night message last night.

Q –  Question always asked:
Emm. This is a tough one though. I think “what’s the meaning of stalyf” and “are you from Delta state” probably because of the way I speak Pidgin English should be the most asked questions.

T –  Time you woke up:
9:12AM. And that’s because it is Sunday when I have nothing to do. I normally wake up much earlier.

U – Underwear colour:
I assume that is boxers for boys. Currently it’s a black coloured one.

V – Violet moment:
That should be when I hear insult about my family, especially my mum and siblings. Na big trouble you dey find be that.

W – Worst fear:
My worst fear is definitely the fear of failure, not to achieve what I set out to do in this life. I hate thinking I would fail, although that’s also a big motivation for me to work hard and be a success.

X –  eX you never stopped loving:
None. I’m not the romanic. I believe an ex is the past and one the relationship is over, that’s the end.

Y – Your last Hug:
My last hug was yesterday, Saturday.

Z – Zodiac sign:
Taurus. My type are called the bull.

So that’s the complete listing. Now you know.

I have never admitted this is a problem but it is now beginning to look so.
I get tired of people easily and i think it’s not normal. I will be all over the person, calling, chatting, texting and doing hangout with them. But after 2-3 weeks, the fire starts going off and i start avoiding them.

It’s even affecting my relationship with some good friends and many people do say i am mean, that i don’t have a heart or maybe I don’t care.

Now I just have to pretend that I do but most times, I would rather want to be left alone with my smartphone or laptop and save my credit and time.
Is this normal or I am having a problem that need urgent attention?

Well folks, that’s all for this week.
Till we see again, chao.
One love.

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