My Experience With A Gay

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December 2014 is almost here. Like real, this year is almost gone and before we know it, 2015 will show its face. A lot of events has happened in my life this year so far, but I would be boring you guys if I were to start recounting all the stories chronological.¬† However, there’s one event that keeps turning my cerebrospinal hemisphere whenever I think of it and when I read that the Apple CEO has admitted to been a gay, I thought I should share it with you guys.

I never really thought that this gay thing was real; as in, real until I had an encounter. I knew that it existed though but never believed it could exist in such close proximity to my social environment. You know that there are things that are only realistic on TV screens and the pages of magazines like angelic looking models and guys with white teeth that sparkle on close-up adverts!

I was trying to get a bus home from work one cold evening when I had this encounter. A guy was driving across the bus stop where I was standing but continued to stare at me as he drove past. After driving sluggishly and staring irresistibly for a while, he stopped and beckoned on me to come. I was so curious that I didn’t waste time before appearing at his presence. He asked for my facebook ID. I guess he knew i would not give out my phone number. I quickly obliged him, hoping so see where it was leading to. We talked a little and parted ways.

When I got home, I found his friend request. I quickly accepted and we started chatting. He said he wanted me to come visit him and when I asked why, he claimed to love me… I began to blush… Lol. I laughed hard but decided to play along. He promised me heaven and earth and pleaded that if i said no, he would die. You can just imagine his nonsense…

Now I began to see the awesome powers women enjoy when a guy attempts to woo them – bottom power. But I was not about to give my bottom to this guy. I wonder why a full blooded man would claim not to be moved by the soft touch of a woman’s ‘mende mende’.

Anyway, I played along like a girl would, giving him the impression that I was also gay. I was enjoying the adventure until I began to feel irritated so I abruptly told him off. I could not help but imagine that my asshole would be the constant object of his fantasy. It was so gross…

Again I wonder how some girls get trilled by stupid promises from guys cos this guy even promised to get me visa to any part of the world. But that complicated issues as I began to feel like a cheap material girl (sorry… guy).
Well, he’s off my back for now but I feel sorry for him because he sounded sincere, he was trully in love… (idiot!).

My question is – how do people get to become gay? Is it natural for a man to ‘love’ another man? Or is it a habit that is learnt? If you are gay, you can help me out. Lastly, I never knew that flattery works wonders on women because when he said I was so handsome, I nearly melted like butter (error… error… error…). Well, I think there’s an element of truth in it. ‘Abi’ I no fine?

Till next time, ciao.

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