Six (6) Achievements of President Buhari In 6 Months

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Today, November 29th, 2015 makes it exactly 6 months president Buhari has been in power.

Here’s Buhari’s 6 achievements in 6 months.

1. Lost of territories to Benin Republic:
The Republic of Benin some days ago annexed 3 villages in Kwara state. My guess is Benin Republic decided to play a quick one on us with the assumption that our military is weakened and overstretched hence we won’t be able to do anything about that. So far, Nigeria has done nothing about it, Mr president is yet to utter a statement on it.

2. Fuel scarcity:
It’s shameful for a man that promised a lot, went as far as tweeting that Nigerians should not be in fuel queues wasting productive hours and even making himself petroleum minister to have fuel scarcity and long fuel lines to still be a recurring incident.

3. Lost of jobs and increased unemployment:
The Buhari administration promised to create 70,000 jobs per month. Well, according to the Statistician General, Nigeria have lost 1.2million jobs in the last 6 months due to mass exodus of foreign companies because of the directionless of this administration.

4. Death/kidnap of 105 Nigerian soldiers:
There is no sign that the soldiers rumoured to have been killed in the NE have returned. For a country being led by a retired Major General, I expected more from Mr president.

5. Further Fall of the Naira:
President Buhari promised to make N1 = $1. This one, like every of his promises was obviously said to hoodwinked the gullible ones just to win an election.

6. Ban of small electricity generators:
In a country with little or no power supply in many parts of the country, the poorest amongst us are the ones that use these “I pass my neighbour” generators. Small and Medium Scale enterprises rely on them due to their affordability. Now this elitist government have placed a ban on it without providing stable electricity supply.

I hope his promise of ending insurgency by next December will be fulfilled.

Now, that’s the 6 major achievement of President Buhari in 6 months.

Which of President Buhari’s achievement did I miss? Share with me via comments

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