Is The Presidency And APC Talking To Village Idiots?

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Many a time when our leaders talk they do forget their audience. We are complaining about incessant junketing by Mr. President and one man is justifying this with flimsy excuses. Mr President is currently in Paris for Climate Change Summit and this make it 13 times our President will be out of the country in 6months.

We are talking of Garba Shehu, who claimed the trips are more essential that Buhari must be there. It seems business of government is less important to his boss.

He furthered denigrated immediate past government for using 150 delegates against 50 delegates of his current boss. Since they are not good in numbers we will school them. If a man travels with 50 men for 13 times in six months and another man travels with 150 men for 3times in 12months. Then the former will spend more than the latter.

To make it worse, he claimed his boss delegates are collecting peanuts as estacode, so who approved the reduced estacode.
These people are heartless for justifying public funds wastage when our economy is in coma.

While we are not saying Mr. President should not travel, at least he uses it to have chat with foreign media and from there we do get his side of the governance. “Charity begins from abroad”

Another disappointing gesture, was El-Rufai recent comment.  He posited that the current situation in the country is beyond what human power can resolve. So, is he trying to tell us another version of change promised?.
May be he has forgot he told us how past government officials were returning stolen funds.

Also, we heard of Mr. Lai Mohammed calling for self regulation in the online media. So he too can forget quickly how he fathered propaganda and disrespected immediate past President, all in the name of playing politics. He has sold the tares and he is not in the right position to uproot it.

To this end, we will advise all spokesmen to understand that their audience are not village idiots.

God bless Nigeria.

Ifedayo Obi,
For: Good Governance Advocates

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