Enough Of The Silly Excuses, Get Serious APC

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My friend Michael Ayeni made a comment on one of my post about the current economic situation in Nigeria which I very much agree with and thought it’s worth sharing, after some modifications.

“President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to save, but then Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi who was the chairman of the Governors forum wanted nothing of that. Tinubu said it was unconstitutional.

The Federal Government was taken to court. The Supreme court ruled in favour of the governors forum, so GEJ was compelled to share the savings.

Fast forward to today, most of those who led the agitation for the sharing of the savings… Fashola, Amaechi etc are now in power. History has a way of dealing with people or should i say karma?

I don’t care about the APC or president Buhari, they are in power. I am only angry they refuse to take responsibility and keep deceiving gullible Nigerians. Until they come up with a good economic plan and policy, Naira might hit N500/$ and their achievement will be it is Jonathan’s fault.

Remember when the PDP came into power in 1999, crude oil price was $16/barrel and our external reserve was just $5b, yet our Naira did not nosedive like this.

The Obasanjo lead government sought solutions. I remember Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was brought in from IMF, a smart move and we paid off our debt owed by the khaki boys.

Today, rather than gather our best brains (Soludo? Aganga? NOI?) to seek solutions, we chase shadows with inferior people who can’t even supervise a budget. No economic adviser 8 months after coming to power. Even in the kangaroo economic team, there’s a VP who is a lawyer and a governor Oshiomhole who has ruined Edo state government. There’s no SINGLE economist in the economic team and you want miracle?

Sanusi, Soludo and many renowned economists have all criticized our economic blueprint but the government does not listen.

I am sorry, as far as this government focus only on corruption, we are in for a long hardship that will soon turn the people against it.

An hungry man does not care if you arrest 1000 corrupt people, he’s after the basic requirements of human; food, clothing and shelter.”

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