Occupy Aso Rock 1: The Resurrection of Idi Amin Dada in Nigeria by Steven Kefas

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In the purported interview the cardinal had to give a disclaimer for, the cardinal was reported to have reminded Mr. President of his notoriety as a dictator and called on Mr. President to stop being a dictator under a democratic government and change himself in order to effectively change others. The report took it too that the cardinal bemoaned lack of respect for court orders, killing of unarmed pro-Biafra activists who dared to question the president’s dictatorship, denying the wounded medical care by further going to the hospitals to arrest them, acting illegally as an oppressor of the people and expect the people not to resist such illegality through peaceful non-violent resistant protests and etc.

In the Cardinal’s own words according to the purported interview:

“Democracy is all about the rule of law. Three times he has disobeyed court orders in less than a year in office. Disobedience to court orders by those who should protect and ensure its compliance slides the nation into anarchy… When you (government) reply fire for fire I am afraid it does not solve the problem. So, apart from military tactics there is need for more effort as political discussion, reaching out to people”.

What’s wrong with the submission above? What has been said about Mr. President that is not sacrosanct over here? Seriously no rational being will see the above and understand why the Cardinal will have to disclaim such instructive submission even if it were not from him. The disclaimer did not only negate the sanctity of that submission, but certainly saw such action as fear even if the cardinal were not guided by fear. And to perceive fear from a highly placed clergy like that is not good for the faith. And because fear activates the enemy, not too long after the disclaimer, we saw the attempt on the cardinal’s life along Edo/Ekpoma road.

This brings to mind the assassination of Archbishop Janani Luwum of Uganda in 1977 shortly after delivering a note of protest against the Idi Amin satanically sectional and very repressive regime. In 1977, Archbishop Luwum delivered a note of protest to dictator Idi Amin against the policies of arbitrary killings and unexplained disappearances of citizens. Shortly afterwards, the archbishop and other leading churchmen were accused of treason.

In Nigeria today, we have seen fellow Christians unscrupulously accusing the Cardinal of not criticising Jonathan for corruption, because he was collecting from the public coffers under Jonathan. That’s how far these dumb simpletons could go to prove their loyalty to the anarchists and sectionalists in power.

Though the Idi Amin government was a military dictatorship where there was no freedom of expression, we have a democracy here in Nigeria where there should be freedom of expression. Why should the cardinal be intimidated into writing a disclaimer for a position as sacrosanct as the one posited in his name? It is instructive to note that car crash was the official report given for the assassination of the Ugandan Archbishop in 1977 by the Idi Amin dictatorial government, even though the body was riddled with bullets when it was handed back to his family. Given that President Buhari was around that time, the minister of petroleum, under the military government of President Olusegun Obasanjo; it is not surprising that Cardinal Onaiyekan’s attempted assassination was designed to look like a car crash too, on the Edo/Ekpoma road with well armed suspected herdsmen ready to spray the cardinal’s body with bullets.

This is bringing us closer to who controls the herdsmen and their satanic activities. When Nuhu Ribadu suggested that the Fulani be armed and made to fight Boko Haram, he unwittingly revealed who calls the shots with respect to the innumerable atrocities earlier committed, especially against the middlebelters, by the fulani herdsmen. For northern Senators to insist that no herdsmen, no Nigeria; and for Northern Governor’s forum to decry the blame on herdsmen for atrocities in Christian communities, etc, are sufficient pointers to know where the problem is coming from. This is not adding the statement of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Ogbe, on establishing the grazing reserve four months hence for the exclusive benefit of the herdsmen. It is no wonder pipeline vandals would be given Bokoharam treatment for vandalising pipes, while herdsmen would be given a grazing reserve for soaking the land with blood of Christians.

Ever after the wanton massacres of Igbo officers and civilians in the Murtala-led July 1966 counter coup, officers (Buhari inclusive) in that coup have always fancied wanton massacres as solution to every problem in Nigeria. Their northern Christian counterparts who participated in the war against the Igbos, were not spared as they returned home to be massacred (in schools and township) too using the faintest of excuses. Senior northern Christian officers were treated shabbily and discharged dishonourably even though they partook actively and strategically in those coups. It is that same mind set that Mr. President carries today – the same mindset the purported interview was challenging Mr. President to change before he could effectively change this country.

But clearly Mr. President has not changed his 1966 mindset, thus why we are witnessing such anarchy under his reign. Anarchy that sees to the kidnap and murder of pastors and priests, as well as trigger-happy soldiers murdering southerners at the slightest provocation. Idi Amin played the sectionalist cards by allowing the armed forces to be purged, Buhari is playing the sectionalist card too in the Customs, DSS, Army, Police, and etc; just like Idi Amin. He is allowing sectionalist sentiments to destroy espiri the corp in the armed forces and encouraging members of the security to be high-handed against non-hausa/fulanis across the country.

We are witnessing another Idi Amin in President Buhari. Though this time around, this Idi Amin is not a big black bully who looks ugly; but a tall light complexioned monster who looks handsome. This is why in the previous article of this series I wrote, “A monster is not necessarily a function of how one looks, but how one thinks”.

Nigerians need to mobilise and occupy Aso Rock now. We need to cast lucifer from the heavens down the depths of hell disregarding that he is the most beautiful of all heavenly creatures.
We must prepare to #OccupyAsoRock

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