Meet some of my friends and future cabinet members of the federal republic

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‚ÄčIt has been a while I penned down an article that is not political. Hectic work schedule at the office coupled with a slight loss of interest has made it hard. But today felt like the right time to sharply drop this one, now that I have the inspiration. 

If you don’t know, I have the ambition of becoming the president of the federal Republic in a few years time. (if you like laugh). This would require I work with some of the best hands that I can trust to take the country forward. Fortunately, I already have a couple of them as friends and I’m happy to know they are people that already believe in my dreams from day one, and people that would be willing to see the dream become a reality. 

First on the list is Nwagwu Everest Chimankpam, a medical graduate from the University of Lagos. I have known him for over 6 years now and he’s a classical definition of an encyclopedia, atleast on what is required. Smart, intelligent and a very proud Igbo from Abia state, someone who believe very much in our ancestors and a realist when it comes to issues concerning Nigeria. 

Picture 1: Earlier this year with Everest

He’s also experienced  on international politics, know how to play with words and say all the right things at each point in time.

Two things I love about him is his undoubted loyalty and his diplomatic personality. Everest can tell you “Go to tell hell” in a sweet way that you would actually look forward to hell. He definitely belongs to my kitchen cabinet and would take the post of the presidential spokesman and special adviser on Media and Strategy. 

Next on the list is Tobi Ologun. Another medical graduate from university of Lagos. He’s from Ekiti state. In terms of friendship and personal relationship, he’s probably the closest definition to what people call best friend. He knows me in and out and is never shy to criticize me when I go out of line. Very blunt fellow and someone who doesn’t beat around the bush.

Tobi who I have known since my first year as an undergraduate is very cool headed, smart and know how to drive home his point when whenever we have a debate. He doesn’t give up easily though and many times when we are together, we would debate on Nigeria politics for hours non-stop. Did I mention he’s a strong Buharist but unlike many Buharists, he doesn’t support blindly. 

Two things I love about him; he is not scared to tell you the bitter truth no matter how painful and he also doesn’t give up on challenges. As my minister of Health, I need someone who despite my position as president would not shield me from the truth but say it as it were. I also need someone who ia not afraid to take on challenges and make reforms if necessary. Tobi fit that perfectly. 

Chris Obukohwo aka Soul-H is not just a friend but a brother. He’s probably the smartest young person I know from Delta state. If there was anyone aside my mum who have had my best interests and wellbeing at heart, it should be Chris. Probably because we live together, but he has always shown an active interest in seeing me become a better person. 

Sometime in June, 2016 with Chris 

He believes in me alot but he also know it won’t be easy getting the dream into a reality, so he’s always advising and chastising me. Some of his advises sound harsh and hard to take initially but eventually, I have come to understand it’s because he wants to best for me. 

Two things I love about him is his sixth sense as well as his deep understanding of some things that don’t seem obvious. Because of this, I have penciled him as the minister of Interior, who would control and give directions to the Police Force, Immigrations, Civil Defense, FRSC etc

The first lady on my list is Lawal-Are Azeezat aka Hayzee. My padi from Oyo state. She was my vice president when I was the president of my department back in university. Even though I hardly trust people, she’s one person I can give my almost total trust. She earned it though. 

Back in 2013 with Hayzee 

An incident occurred when I was the president, which got things heated up during a meeting with my excos. To calm things down, the members of my cabinet asked that I momentarily step down as president, leave the meeting while Hayzee Presided the meeting to determine the next point of action. Even though I didn’t put her in trust then, she weathered the storm on my behalf, calm everything down and returned me back to my position as president. Not many people would do so, when there is an opportunity to take over power. 

That singular incident coupled with many other experiences we had together, through the remainder of our final year and even during service year solidified our friendship and trust. One thing many people who know us have come to accuse us is we had a romantic relationship. We still laugh over it till date but the truth is we never for one kissed. 

Two things I admire and love about Hayzee is her ability to carry people along as well as her resilience. She would be the Chief of Staff to the President. With her, I’m rest assured that she would manage all staff well and probably advise me. 

For Israel Ogunseye also know as Ladispeaks, it has been a case of two people having total understanding of themselves and having ambitions that go hand in hand. This Ogun state citizen but Lagos based politician is one person I respect because he is not afraid to take on challenges. As Class Reps, we both lead the push to the school management to restore the Faculty of Science students Parliament, to bring accountability to student’s politics. 

I’m our way from a Riverine community campaign with Jimi Agbaje in 2015

We both played active roles in shaping faculty of science politics during and even after we left UNILAG. Outside the walls of university, our political partnership has continued, planning and Strategizing together on the way forward, so it’s not coincidence that we both worked for the Jimi Agbaje Governorship campaign as well as with Segun Adewale Aeroland Senatorial campaign office. 

He could be controversial at times but I love his dreams and ambitions. If all things go according to plan, he would be the Senate president when I assume office as president. 

The second Lady on my list is Brenda Abiah. She’s a very good friend from Akwa Ibom, a graduate of mass communications and someone who has proven her loyalty to the cause. Always looking after my personal well being and giving advise that would further the realization of the big dream. 

Brenda is calm, cool and reserved which are the qualities I need around me when the pressure and heat of leading the country is getting to me. She is definitely another member of my kitchen cabinet and would hold a yet to be determined position, most likely a special adviser position where her advises would be close by. 

For Onyinye Anyanwu, her case is actually different from the rest. From Imo state, she’s probably the most intelligent, smartest and sophisticated lady I have met within the last few years. She could be a pain in the ass sometimes especially when she put up her teasing games but all those characteristics make her uniquely different. 

Aside the fact that she’s politically savvy, she’s also extremely organized and focused, which are the things needed from the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. She would bring sanity to the exalted office. 

Two things I love about Onyinye is her intelligence and the fact that she challenges one to become a better person

Obajuwa Dapo known to the close circles of friends as Agama was like my PA back in school. He’s diligent, calm and consistent and would get all work required of him without making noise about it. As my Man-friday when I organized my departmental trip to Ghana, I was always at ease knowing full well that the job would be done once Agama got his role. 


With Dapo after our final year project defense When I slacked and got carried away with school politics, Dapo was among the few that would draw my attention back to the primary purpose of been in school. His discretion and ability to do things smoothly and quietly means he would be my special adviser on domestic affairs or special adviser on special duties. 

Two things I love about Agama is his calm spirit and loyalty. You can’t buy those qualities with money. 

I have known Ijeoma Okolie aka Adannaya for less than two years but she has already made an indelible mark on me. If I need to progress politically, there are some people that I need to hold tight to and Adannaya is one of such people. She has deep understanding of Nigerian politics and the way she analyze issues, I’m always flagabasted. 

With Adannaya in a Radio Program we attended 

She’s also a very good writer and editor. She has this ability to fine tune articles that whenever she sends back my draft articles, I’m always like “wow”. Her loyalty is not in doubt and has went out of her ways on a few occasions to get stuffs done for me, especially on short notice. 

Two things I love about Adannaya is her ability to not just write but speak and pass out information clearly and concisely. In her, I have my minister of Information and National Orientation. She would also work hand in hand with Everest for the presidential speeches. 
So people, that’s it. 

PS: if you were expecting to see your name here but you didn’t, please don’t feel offended. Kindly look at the topic again, I clearly wrote “some” of my friends. Everyone is important in their own ways to me. 

So what do you think of my article? I would like to get your thoughts via the comment box. 

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