Ondo defeat was the PDP own making

Published by Oke Umurhohwo on

First thing first, I congratulate the APC in general and Akeredolu in particular for their win in Ondo state.
Second, my party the PDP should not blame anyone for this defeat, instead we should look inward at ourselves. The PDP gave the APC victory. we slacked.
I expected more from Mimiko and the other PDP governors but just like we have been seeing for the last one year, the PDP keep going to elections without concrete plans.
While APC go to elections with plan A, B, C, D, E and even plan F, my party own is to complain and hope manna would fall from the sky. No strategic plans, no center chain of command, no one to give visionary direction. It is just annoying and shameful.
Is it not an irony that despite the poor performance of the APC led federal government and how unpopular they seem to be, they have won the last two gubernatorial elections??
The leaders (dealers?) of PDP should know that things would not change overnight in the run up to 2019. it would not be straight sailing back to Aso rock. The party leaders must as a matter of urgency put aside their differences and work together in restoring the party.
Nigeria need the PDP to give power back to the people, we must not fail in this historical task.

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