A short list of what most ladies really want

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It has been a while wrote anything on relationship. Compared to how i used to do so some years back.

what women want

Before the topic mislead you to think i am a relationship expert, i need to expressly say i am not one. However, this post was inspired by my past experiences, my observations of male and female friends and from those around me in how they behaved in their relationship. If you have any concern or clarification, please feel free to use the comment box to share your thoughts.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the crust of the post, which i would outline in bullet points and some explanations to go with it.


1. Attention

This is the simplest thing. You dedicated time and some efforts to get her to date you. So why turn off the attention after you guys started dating? It does not sound right. Give her a lot of attention. She wants it from you and you only. If you don’t she’ll lose interest and best believe another guy will. There are thousands of guys who would willing give her that attention you take for granted

2. Reassurance
Always remind your lady that you love her and that you’ll always be there for her. Also let her know you are hers alone and nobody else’s. Well, unless you are not serious with her and then i would ask, what is the point of the relationship? Aren’t you better off being single?
3. Respect
Treat her like a lady. Don’t talk to her as if she is one of your boys. She is not a guy. Don’t use your guy’s term for her. The way you treat her and random people should differ. There should be that element of differentiation between her and your female friends. You can’t call your lady pet name like “Sweetheart”, “Honey”, “Darling” and use that same names for your other female friends. What then is the difference?
4. Security
She should feel safe with you. If she came visiting, try as much as possible to accompany her. Don’t let her walk alone. If you have a car, you can try to drop her at the nearest bus stop. Make sure that she is fine. Let her know she can rely on you.
5. Listen
If i am not pressing my phone and getting carried away with social media, this is where i can be king. Show genuine interest even if you not in the mood. Let her share her thoughts. If she can’t talk to you, who tf is she supposed to talk to?
6. Treat her right
One thing i always tell people around me is that you don’t have to be the richest to treat your lady right. With ladies, little things matters. This could be trying to cook for her, flowers (for enlightened ladies sha) and sweet morning and night text messages could mean a lot to them. Also, never ever make the mistake of hitting a lady, not to talk of someone you are dating. It is an unforgivable sin.
7. Communicate
Many promising and great relationships  have failed because of lack of communication. Personally, i feel communication is the second most important thing after LOVE. Work or personal responsibilities could be demanding at times but text or call whenever you can. It could be a quick WhatsApp message to check on her. Also, don’t leave her in the dark in terms of your plans. When there is good communication, trust which is another key aspect of relationship is solidified.
8. Patience
The average lady may take time to open up when she is upset, but one thing i have learnt is that she will most likely warm up with time and tell you what’s up. It could be frustrating as a guy but don’t flip on her. Let her know everything will be okay.
9. Sexual satisfaction
My guy, don’t be that bust a nut and roll over guy. Bro, she is your girlfriend, so maximize on foreplay and make sure that she gets satisfied too. If not, there would be one young man somewhere servicing her engine on your behalf. We have seen many cases.
10. Affection
Give her kisses all the time, hugs from the back, cuddle, tell her how much you love her, remind her she’s beautiful etc.
11. Faithfulness
Truth be told, this one is quite hard for the average guy, but be the reason she doesn’t believe that “Men are trash.” Don’t make her be that girl everyone knows is getting cheated on.
12. Growth
As a young man, you must continue to strive to be and do better. A decent lady (NOT SLAY QUEENS OO) who see your dedication will motivate you. Even if you don’t have everything yet, the average lady will be patient with you do, if the signs are right. Do i need say ladies see the potentials of guys more than guys? (Oke’s theory, 2014. LOL)
13. FOOD
So this particular point was suggested by a good friend of mine. She said a well fed girl is a happy girl. Here’s the secret.. If she is mad at you, just offer to talk about it over some food – 95% of the time, she will loosen up.
14. Happiness
I left the best for the last. The true secret to a lasting relationship is happiness. Make her forget about all the problems in her life whenever she is with you or hear from you. Do your best to keep a smile on her face all the time. It works magic how far a happy girl can go for you.
So, that is it ladies and gentlemen. I tried to make this as simple, short and precise as I could. Praying that this helps some of you in the long run!
Meanwhile, I know some of you would have some opinion based on this. Please share your thoughts through the comment box below.


Precious Paul · October 14, 2017 at 3:29 pm

Do you write?
Kinda think you have the talent…..nice one dude.

    Oke Stalyf · October 14, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Thank you. I write when I have the chance

Precious Paul · October 14, 2017 at 3:30 pm

Maybe you should try writing relationship books
You have the talent……..NICE.

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