PUT NIGERIA FIRST INITIATIVE: Why Change Was Necessary in 2015

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In July 2015, Myself and couple of other young minded forward thinking people who were members and supporters of the PDP came together to start a group.

The thoughts at the time were many but the main idea was to create a group of likeminded individuals of similar political orientation to break into the polity in 2019.

In December of 2015, we held our first meeting in Lagos – at a football viewing centre somewhere in Shogunle area, not far from Oshodi and since then, we’ve held various meetings and forged closer ties.

Many left us but the core has remained and we’ve waxed stronger.

Our strength isn’t in numbers but in the quality of sound minds we’ve assembled so far and in the depth of the political discourse our members display.

This year, we’ve decided to bring the Group public and start a series of enlightenment programmes on our beliefs and ideals.

We deliberately kept the outside form of the group loose to be able to navigate politically. We deliberately restricted membership to Lagos to be able to coagulate our vision but the core of the group is as solid as can be.

We will still go through a number of changes also.

The PUT NIGERIA FIRST INITIATIVE seeks to establish Patriotism above Partisanship but also recognise that Partisanship in itself is the Second Highest Expression of Patriotism with Martyrdom being the first and Advocacy/Activism coming behind both.

With the presence of Ademola Olarewaju, yours truly and the Leaders of this initiative, our political beliefs should be clear and in our group, we’re happy to accommodate all ethnicities resident in Lagos.

We are interested in the political process and will participate at various levels across parties in 2019.

Our first public programme comes up next weekend in the Ikeja area of Lagos.

Put Nigeria First. Why Change was necessary in 2015

We want to start out by understanding the ideals that influenced 2015 elections from those we know to be true Nigerian Patriots in our Generation, who supported Buhari out of a True Desire for Change.

Ayo Sogunro, Tunde Leye and Cheta Nwanze are intellectuals and were people who fully supported and campaigned for the current administration, while I was on the other part of the divide.

Failure to understand the thoughts of voters/influencers like them on the part of the then incumbent party and government led to the loss of the then ruling party.

Towards 2019 therefore, it is important to sound them out and understand what we failed to understand but clearly needed to understand.

And there are only few better persons in our generation to moderate such a discourse than Tolulope Adeleru – an up to date journalist in Lagos.

The event “Why Change Was Necessary in 2015” is a three hour programme holding on the 31st of March 2018 from 11am to 2pm for ONLY 100 PEOPLE.

The event is strictly by registration and you can register at www.putnigeriafirst.org

I look forward to welcoming all attendees.

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