Holiday Lessons Are Scams

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A child will go to school by 7am and close by 5pm for five days out of the seven days in a week. During weekends that child comes home with many assignments in all the subjects he or she is offering in school. So there won’t be time to rest and play through out the weekend.

The child does that for almost four months hoping to enjoy the holidays only for schools to come up with a scam in the name of holidays lesson.

What exactly do you want to teach that child?

Dear Nigerian parents, summer holiday is a period you allow a child to experience other things in life apart from formal education.

Allow them to travel for the vacation and if you don’t have money for vacation, take them to a place where they will learn new skills. Let them go and learn how to draw, computer coding, how to play football, martial art, learn business, catering, tie and die, learn foreign languages etc

Allow this children to explore life.

Every-time Book book book that is why most of our youths are unemployed because they can’t do any other thing apart from white collar job.

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