Lagos Decides 2019: It’s time to be free

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Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999 but Lagos state was unlucky to slide into fascism. Under the pretence of progressivism, Bola Tinubu, has held the state by jugular, and for nearly twenty years, subjugated the state for personal aggrandizement, like a feudal lord.


From political leadership to economic benefits, Tinubu manoeuvres the state to suit his personal objective and left the fate of the over 20 million population of the state hanging in the balance. While poverty gap widened in the state, Tinubu grew in affluence, that he was bold to boast of being richer than Osun state.


Initially, only few paid attentions to this overbearing influence of one man on the nation’s commercial nerve, but the reality that Lagos state has slipped to a ‘one-man colony’ had awakened the consciousness of Lagosians to seek a breakaway from the stranglehold of Tinubu. Obviously, the waves of voices for freedom are mounting and the #OtogeLagos movement which unite those clamours is becoming unavoidable.

 The Lagos History

For so long, the people of Lagos state have endured their anguish and discomfort in silent. From the deplorable healthcare services to the exhausting road networks, there are little or nothing to show for the huge accruals to the state treasury from 1999.


These glaring inadequacies have left tales of disappointments and worries, emboldening the resolve of the visibly frustrated Lagosians to prepare their PVCs to endorse #OtogeLagos at the poll. Without doubt, it’s time to free Lagos from the shackles of Godfatherism and the March 9th governorship election should seal that reality.


Lagos wanted governance and not politics; it wanted a compassionate leadership and not a feudalism. Lagos ceaselessly craved for a LIBERATOR, who would share their plights and vigorously pursue remedies to alleviate them. This is why the electorates must exercise caution in applying their mandate so as not to repeat the consequences that result from past mistakes.


The upcoming governorship election should be about the collective gains of Lagos state and not restricted to our oppressors; it should be a preface for our future as a state and not repeating the circus of recklessness abandonment that characterised the past. The March 9th governorship election affords us an irredeemable opportunity to free Lagos from the firm grip of a feudalist and set sail for a state where prosperity flourishes and as such, we mustn’t fail.


Before casting the ballot, ask yourself why Tinubu is getting richer but citizens are falling into poverty bracket daily. Ask yourself why gridlocks remain a challenge in Lagos despite the humongous resources at the disposal of the state. Ask yourself why the sight of dirt is becoming a norm in the state and posing grave threat to resident’s health.


Even though I believe more questions disturb our mind, the salient response to my poser and others bothering your minds, all come down to poor leadership. As much as nature has been kind on us, both in natural and human resources, it is evident that our leadership choices have been poor, and have culminated to our present woes. This is an anomaly we must end with our votes. So as not only to secure Lagos from the grip of one man at the detriment of deserved leadership for the state but to preface the future with ideal leadership that share in delivering governance that tallies with our yearnings and aspirations.


Aspirations and talents are fading daily due to the hopelessness which the government supervises. We must be attentive and reject the cunning inventions to arm-twist our yearnings for better leadership. We should dare our oppressors, who have recklessly plundered our resources in the past but yet, are driven by their insatiable greed to continue their hold on our state.


It is time to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and demonstrate the might of our index finger (thumb) by subscribing to a leadership who shared our aspirations and goals. In order to correct anomalies of the past, we need to stand on our feet and prove our worth. We need to make them feel the potency of resolve; embrace someone who have proven his capacity to drive a growth.


We must embrace a LIBERATOR, whose only intention for seeking leadership position is SERVICE of the people. At this critical moment in the phase of Lagos, what we need to ensure the growth and development we all craved for, is a compassionate leader, who doesn’t only understand our pains but is prepared to render remedy.


Obviously, Mr. Jimi Agbaje of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) bodes the right choice for Lagosians to be out of the abyss. He is the designated liberator who have shown relentless vigour in the interest of the people. Unlike his main challenger who relied on godfather, Agbaje adopted Lagosians as his godfather– a clear statement that his intention for seeking the top political office in Lagos state is to serve the people, not to prolong the servitude of Lagosians.


He is a leader who will promote morality, not corruption; intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance; stability, not fear and terror; peace, not chaos; love, not hate; convergence, not segregation; tolerance, not discrimination; fairness, not hypocrisy; substance, not superficiality; character, not immaturity; transparency, not secrecy; justice, not lawlessness; environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. He is a leader that Lagosians can’t wait too long to have.


When they play the political card, tell them what matter is good governance and not the political party. Tell them your support is to someone that can provide us dividends of democracy regardless of the party that fields such a man. Insist that you are supporting a man with a great intention to transform all sectors of our dear state and more importantly, return power to Lagosians.


Oke Umurhohwo is a Political Analyst and Strategist. He tweets from @stalyf

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