A weekend at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: My Amazing Experience

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Generally speaking, my La Campagne Tropicana stay was memorable because of its absolutely beautiful and scenic environment. The sheer beauty of the beachfront, river and natural surroundings made the trip worthwhile…

One of my main goals in life is to be very successful in order to enjoy the best life has to offer. However, success is a lot of hard work. One has to put in extra effort, go the extra mile and most times keep late nights to meet up with deadlines. This gets boring over time and it is advisable to find a way to unwind. I have developed some ways to unwind and have fun in my little way, which are trying new food and traveling to see new places. Travelling is a hobby and favourite recreation activity of mine. I love to travel and see different landscapes especially beaches and wildlife.

The hustling lifestyle of an average Lagosian makes you want to go for holiday breaks very often. This feeling is heightened due to the frequent high temperatures and crazy traffic we experience in Lagos. I decided to take advantage of the Muslim holiday cause public holidays are not so frequent. I wanted to go somewhere relaxing and refreshing. What could be more refreshing than a place where nature’s soothing breeze romances every part of you while relaxing on a quiet beach surrounded by tall beautiful palms?


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I looked up the best beach resorts in Lagos and the two prominent places were La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and Inagbe Grand Resorts & Leisure. I checked the reviews and the processes and settled for La Campagne. Going into the resort, I was not entirely sure about what to expect, but I was looking forward to having a great time.

A brief description of the journey to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

It is located at Ikejun, after Ibeju-Lekki. It is almost 3 hours drive from Ikeja. However, the road is relatively good until you approach the Lekki Free Trade Zone and then you’ll have to watch out for craters and speed breakers. For those that enjoy driving at high speed, you will find the road very nice. I was able to do 160KM/hr as the road was smooth and there were barely other vehicles on the road.

Map trip to La Campagne Tropicana

On this trip, I was accompanied by my “Excortoyor”. We left home by 12:20 PM and got to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort at 3:05 PM.

La Campagne Tropicana

From the moment we walked into La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, we were impressed with the ambience and pleasant welcome. The staff was very courteous and the welcome party was entertaining. They had a special greeting which was portrayed by the twisting of hands by the staff. They stated it was their special way of greeting their guests. We identified ourselves and confirmed we booked via Jumia travel. A quick check was done and our identities were verified. We were asked to fill a form to provide our details for security reasons. We were then escorted to the main resort gate, where we got a free chauffeur from the gate to our chalet.

The chalets (Rooms) are a bit expensive. I noticed the Chalets were designated with local names from OBAILERIGI, AMOSAN, ILERIMI, OBIEZE/ANAGO, OSO, EXECUTIVE KODI, LABA, and KODI. The prices range from N60,000 to N250,000. However, you can still plan a day trip to the resort and still have enough fun. For those coming for a day trip, there’s an entry fee of N5,000 for an adult. Entry fee for kids is cheaper. You also get to pay an extra N1,000 for bringing in your food. Alternatively, you may purchase food there. One thing written at the front desk is that digital cameras are not allowed. Phone cameras are the only cameras allowed in the resort.


We got in and the view was so captivating. Nature in one place. The Oceanview, the horses, the grasses, the palm trees…they were lovely. It’s a world of its own, very serene, cozy and beautiful. It covers a large expanse of land and was built for a range of multipurpose activities, such as; family vacation, boot camp, hang out, tourism, etc. There are various outdoor activities to engage in. From water sports to ball games. It also has a kiddies park. I can arguably say it’s one of the best Resorts in Lagos.


I particularly loved the Kayaking experience, which cost just N500. The African-shaped pool was also a delight and the view of the beach at sunset was breathtaking. The Resort is what I call marriage between man and nature because it presents a very clean beach with whispering palms, luxury rooms, swimming pools surrounded by horses, and indulgences like kayaking and fishing, plus entertainment with dance, hip hop DJ, and everything else to make a retreat extra beautiful. I lost all my stress and got renewed energy.

Moving from one location to the other was a bit tedious though. I feel the management of the resort could do better by giving tourists either a paper map or put signposts to help tourists navigate when they get there.

At the end of the first day, we were served dinner at a place called YORU’BAR where traditional Nigerian meals were prepared in our presence amidst dancing and drumming. The dinner cost N5,000 per plate. Thereafter, we played snooker, had some drinks and watched people dance to the good music from the DJ. We later took a midnight stroll at the beach before heading back to our chalet for the night.


The second day started with a swim in the ocean. I mistakenly drank the water and it was very salty. Within a few minutes, I was feeling very dehydrated and that made us change our swimming location to the pool, which the Resort claim is the longest swimming pool in the world (I can’t confirm that though). The pool was lined with five different bars. There is also a spot for having fresh coconut drinks.

After the swim, it was time for breakfast. The breakfast location was unpredictable. We did not know in advance how and where it will be served – but with a little help from the staff, we got the breakfast location which was at the edge of the beach. Breakfast was buffet style and when it was served, there was an impressively wide variety of tasty African dishes.

Generally speaking, my La Campagne Tropicana stay was memorable because of its absolutely beautiful and scenic environment. The sheer beauty of the beachfront, river and natural surroundings made the trip worthwhile and the resort design and concept are great. It is a really beautiful place to visit, and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. It comes highly recommended for those who are looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos city for the weekend. It’s the perfect place. Nice, quiet and serene.

However, despite the high praise, many things still need to be put in shape for a supposedly four-star resort. The Facilities especially the restrooms can be better. I also think there should be a welcome or introductory briefing (written or oral). Also, once we checked in, we had no idea of infrastructures and their locations, neither were we aware of available facilities or details of security protocols. We had to figure them out ourselves.


The room amenities were the basic personal items of two towels and two soaps. There was no hand towel, no shampoo, etc. Thankfully, I have a resourceful partner who had packed everything we needed. There was also no safe to put away valuables, which made me a bit nervous as I was with my work Macbook which contains lots of information I can’t afford to lose.

Finally, WiFi was not provided by the resort, which I find strange. All the four-star hotels I have used in the past always provided basic WiFi. These obvious cons make me not rate the resort as a World-class four-star beach resort. At the time of my stay, the resort, at best merit a three stars rating.

In spite of the long distance from Central Lagos to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, my best option for future visits would be day trips. Leave home by 7 am, get to the resort by 10 am, have all the fun till 4 pm and head back home. You can still have almost all the fun with a day trip. My advice to anyone wishing to stay overnight at all cost is to program a visit of no more than one night at a time and to keep expectations low. In either case, stock up on everything you might need.


In summary, I would say I had an amazing time! La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a true definition of an African themed resort, wonderful ambience, with beautiful and sensual views. It is a good location for a family outing, company team bonding, conferences, and events. It is also a perfect venue for outdoor weddings. The resort is clean and astoundingly beautiful. The staff are great, respectful, courteous and always willing to help. The beach is lovely and for those with seawater phobia, there are two swimming pools available. You can go kayaking and also horse riding. It’s a great place with minimal noise. The only major downside is that it’s very far from town so it will take a while to get here.

Like I always advise intending tourists to any destination, just keep an open mind. Don’t expect too much, but I’m sure you’ll have a very good experience if you visit there. Have a beautiful trip when you visit!

Here is a summary video of our trip to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.


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